Hawaii Lawyers

July 20, 2016

Lawyers, Lawyers, everywhere you look it seems like there are lawyers. Or somebody's relative is a lawyer. It is true that after the creation of the Richardson School Of Law in 1973 the number of lawyers in Hawaii has risen dramatically. It was the vision of the late, greatly talented trial lawyer, Wallace Fujiyama, and the former Chief Justice of the Hawaii Supreme Court, William Richardson, that Hawaii needed a local law school of national prominence in order to cultivate local talent as well as to incorporate local values.

According to the Hawaii State Bar Association, in 2011 there were 4632 actively practicing lawyers in Hawaii. Given a population approaching 1.5 million, the ratio of attorneys was 29.3 per 10,000 persons. This ratio compared to 42.4 lawyers per 10,000 persons in California and an incredible 774.9 lawyers per 10,000 persons in Washington, D.C.

The relatively small size of the Hawaii Bar means that most of the attorneys who practice personal injury law will get to know each other over the years. Therefore, unlike some other jurisdictions, it is important for lawyers to cultivate a reputation for integrity and for civility. This atmosphere, although competitive, means that lawyers don't constantly have to live in fear that a commitment or promise given by a colleague will be broken in an instant. In other larger cities, such as Los Angeles and Manhattan, it is much more of a dog-eat-dog environment in the legal sector.