A Proven Track Record Of Results

In over three decades of successful personal injury representation and litigation, my law firm has represented thousands of clients in their personal injury cases. My clients have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for cases involving motor vehicle accidents, including buses, trucks, bicycles, mopeds and pedestrians. Among other areas, my law firm handles cases involving:

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Why You Should Retain Me

I'm a proven winner, smart, always prepared, and I hate to lose. When I invest my time and resources in your case, be prepared to win.

Skilled Representation. Clear Communication.

You are entitled to clear communication. I will let you know on a regular basis what has been done, what remains to be done and the strength or weakness of your case. Working together with mutual respect and sincerity we will be able to achieve success. I offer continuous and timely communication so that you never have to wonder where your case stands or what is the next step.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a motor vehicle or moped accident, slip/trip and fall, construction accident, or medical malpractice, you should contact an experienced and reputable attorney. I can help. In Honolulu call the Law Offices of Jan M. Weinberg at 808-523-9477, or fill out this online form and I will promptly respond to you. Serving all of Hawaii.