Winning For Injured Workers

Hawaii Construction Accident AttorneyConstruction accident attorney Jan M. Weinberg has successfully represented construction workers and their families for over three decades. Here are a few of his recent success stories.

Jan Weinberg is one of Hawaii's premier trial attorney's with numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. He has a sharp legal mind and he has come up with extremely creative legal theories which led to large recoveries that others thought were impossible. I have collaborated with him on several large personal injury cases to which he brought his unique talent and insight.
Preston Easley, Attorney

Jan Weinberg represented a plumber who fell from a second-story roof and suffered serious injuries. Although the general contractor and developer/land owner blamed the injured worker, an experienced plumber, for performing his work without being tied-off, the case settled on confidential terms for over $2 million.

In a recent case, a worker was severely injured after parking his backhoe on a hill while he worked at a bridge below it. The parking brake did not hold and the run-away backhoe struck the worker. Jan Weinberg was able to impose liability in this case on the landowner and other parties, obtaining $5.45 million in settlement. The settlement provided lifetime financial security to the injured client and his family.

Call Hawaii construction accident lawyer Jan Weinberg for a free consultation. His law firm retains expert consultants in construction site safety to investigate the accident and evaluate the unsafe work site conditions which caused the accident. Whether your injury involved a fall, defective equipment or unsafe work conditions, don't allow yourself to be blamed for construction accidents which are the fault of others.

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