Hawaii Bicycle Injury Lawyer

Hawaii Bicycle Accident LawyerAs those familiar with Honolulu's roads know, the traffic lanes are narrow and clogged. Drivers are on cellphones and texting. There simply aren't enough bike lanes and even those that we have are risky due to erratic driving and disregard for safety.

Some basic safety rules include:

  • Wearing a helmet
  • Obeying all traffic control signals
  • Using hand signals to alert drivers to turns and lane changes
  • Staying alert to all roadway conditions
  • Using lights and reflectors after dark

Jan Weinberg is a seasoned bicycle accident lawyer. He knows how to prepare a case to obtain the best possible recovery on behalf of his clients.

For example, he represented a Navy chief warrant officer injured when a tour base made a wide left turn and struck him in the bike lane. The driver claimed that the bicyclist veered into his lane of travel and that the collision was unavoidable. His client was thrown off his bike and suffered a spinal cord injury. The accident reconstruction by Jan Weinberg's office included a re-enactment of the collision filmed overhead from a helicopter. The reconstruction demonstrated that the bus company's version of events was wrong. The client won a confidential, multiple seven-figure settlement against the tour bus company.

Please contact bike accident attorney Jan Weinberg as soon as possible if you or someone you know has been seriously injured while biking.