Attaining Compensation: Proven Results

I am personal injury attorney Jan Weinberg, and I have been successfully representing accident victims and their families for more than three decades. My dedication to winning is exemplified by the results I have achieved for my clients.

Some of Jan Weinberg's results are:

  • $5.6 Million - Medical malpractice in the death of a mother during childbirth
  • $5.45 Million - Worker injured by backhoe
  • $4 Million - Medical malpractice, delay in diagnosing meningitis
  • $4 Million - Mainland dentist killed in motor vehicle accident
  • $3.95 Million - Bicyclist injured by tour bus
  • $3.75 Million - Wrongful death of a 58-year-old single person injured while a passenger in a Handi-Van
  • $3.6 Million - Family survivors and estate of a a deceased, unmarried laborer, without children or dependents, who was killed while dismantling fireworks
  • $3.2 Million - Five-year-old injured in heart surgery
  • $3 Million - Infant injured by tour bus
  • $2.95 Million - Wrongful death of tourist in motor vehicle accident on Maui
  • $2.5 Million - Tourist injured in fall while hiking
  • $2.25 Million - Plumber injured in fall from second story roof
  • $2.2 Million - Wrongful death of laborer struck by backhoe at construction site
  • $2.2 Million - Wrongful death of construction laborer struck by Caterpillar grader
  • $2 Million - Pedestrian injured by motorist using a cellular phone
  • $1.95 Million - Physician injured in operating room
  • $1.9 Million - Injury to pedestrian at marine terminal
  • $1.8 Million - Insurance bad faith
  • $1.7 Million - Insurance bad faith
  • $1.65 Million - Construction injury, scaffold collapse
  • $1.65 Million - Mild traumatic brain injury to elderly woman struck by van at slow speed
  • $1.5 Million - Worker injured in trench collapse
  • $1.225 Million - Mild traumatic brain injury in motor vehicle accident
  • $ 1.25 Million - Mild traumatic brain injury in motor vehicle accident
  • $1.4 Million - Fractured pelvis to laborer at construction site
  • $1.35 Million - Injured motorist
  • $1.17 Million - Fireman who suffered severe leg fractures when his fire truck was struck head-on by a semi-trailer. The fireman was able to return to work
  • $1 Million - Attorney required back surgery after being struck by exterior mirror of truck while jogging on edge of road
  • $1 Million - Back injury to tourist injured on zodiac boat off Lanai
  • $1 Million - Leg injury to laborer struck by his own forklift
  • $965,000 - Ankle fractures to 25-year-old tourist on recreational catamaran cruise off the coast of Kauai

Your Case Deserves The Best Legal Representation

Attorney Jan Weinberg focuses on cases involving traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, wrongful death and other serious bodily injuries. He has represented clients injured in motor vehicle accidents, construction site accidents, maritime accidents, slip-/trip-and-fall accidents, medical malpractice, insurance bad faith and defective products.

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