Potential for MVA on rural roads are varied and dangerous
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Potential for MVA on rural roads are varied and dangerous

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2020 | Firm News

Hawaii drivers who are on urban roads are undoubtedly aware of the potential risks they face. Distracted drivers, drivers under the influence, recklessness and negligence are all factors that can result in a motor vehicle accident (MVA). There are also potential dangers on rural roads. These differ in scope to urban collisions, but can also cause injuries and fatalities.

Rural road accidents are unique when compared to urban road accidents. When there is an accident on an urban road, there will likely be a short time-period before emergency crews arrive. However, with a rural road, it may take longer for them to arrive. This will delay emergency treatment. Drivers might feel they are safer if they have a few drinks before getting behind the wheel in a rural location. There may be fewer law enforcement vehicles and the lack of traffic can give a false sense of security. The potential for a crash due to DUI is significant anywhere.

Wearing a seatbelt is a fundamental part of safety, but many drivers who are on less-traveled roads could shrug off its importance. This is especially true for commercial drivers who think their experience will keep them safe. There could be an absence of street lights and traffic lights in rural locations. Not being able to see nor needing to worry about stopping when approaching a traffic light can be a lethal combination.

Rural roads will generally have two lanes. If a driver tries to pass, it could set the stage for a head-on MVA. A lack of traffic might lead to drivers being reckless with speeding and taking chances they otherwise would not. Finally, animals can cross the road without warning anywhere. On rural roads, there is a good chance a driver will encounter wildlife more frequently. Any of these accidents can be the catalyst for long hospital stays, medical costs, and lost time on the job. A legal filing for MVA might be needed to recover compensation. An experienced legal professional who understands cases large and small may be able to help with pursuing a claim.