When is a hotel liable for injuries?
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When is a hotel liable for injuries?

| Dec 16, 2020 | Uncategorized

A slip and fall in Hawaii might not seem catastrophic, but it could cause sprained ankles, twisted muscles, broken bones, head injuries and other bodily harm that could result in extensive medical bills. If your injury occurred in a public place, you might be wondering if you could file a lawsuit. What makes a hotel liable for an injury sustained by a guest?

Are hotels liable for a guest’s injuries?

Premises liability doesn’t cover every possible injury. If you were 100% at blame for the injury, you might not have much of a case. But if you can show negligence and argue that the hotel was partially at fault, you might be able to win a settlement in the process.

A hotel can be held liable if they didn’t maintain certain safety standards. For example, if you tripped because there was a spill on the floor, a court could find the hotel responsible for not cleaning up the spill. An attorney might be able to argue that the hotel has a responsibility to maintain a safe environment for their customers. They might also claim that the hotel should have known that this could cause an accident and acted accordingly.

However, the claim will only be successful if the hotel could have known about the issue beforehand. If your injury resulted from a completely unexpected event, like getting hit by a car outside of the hotel entrance, you probably won’t be able to prove that the hotel should have seen that coming. To prove a negligence case, the hotel staff must have deliberately ignored a potential danger.

Should you hire an attorney if you’ve been injured?

Filing a personal injury lawsuit might seem simple enough, but the other party will probably be fighting you every step of the way. And if they’re a big corporation like a large hotel chain, they’ll probably have powerful attorneys.

You might want to hire your own attorney to manage your case. An attorney could help you fight back against the other party and show evidence that proves your claim.