Steps To Take After A Car Accident
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What To Do At The Scene Of An Accident

There are 100,000 serious traffic accidents each year in Hawaii, of which 150 are fatal. Nearly 12,000 people are injured in our state each year. With these many accidents putting so much at stake, it is important to know what to do if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident.

At the Law Offices of Jan M. Weinberg, we assist clients to understand the legal steps to take after a car accident or another motor vehicle accident. Here is a suggested car accident procedure list.

Seven Important Steps To Take After A Car Accident

  1. Stay at the scene
  2. Check on drivers and passengers
  3. If people are hurt, call 911 or point to someone at the scene and tell them to call. If you have any doubts about the severity of your injuries, accept or request an ambulance for a trip to the emergency room. The Queen’s Medical Center probably is the best equipped of the hospitals in Oahu to provide emergency treatment.
  4. Obtain complete identifying information on the involved party/parties, including full legal name, current address, telephone and cellphone numbers, employer details, auto insurance company’s details and policy number. Exchange driver’s licenses and no-fault cards.
  5. If possible, be accurate in describing the collision and your injuries to the police, ambulance crew, doctors and all other health providers. You may be asked to complete a written report by the police. If you are inaccurate in describing the collision, then your statement can and will be used in a subsequent lawsuit to impeach your credibility. Do the best you can to be accurate under the stressful conditions following an accident.
  6. Notify the no-fault insurance company of the accident and your injuries. Be as complete as possible in describing your injuries. Also, you should notify your private health plan that you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident. If your medical bills exceed the PIP limits of $10,000, the benefits under your health plan become available. You should avoid having your health plan pay any of the first $10,000 in medical bills. If this occurs, as it often does, the mistake can be corrected between the health plan and no-fault insurer.
  7. Do not provide a written or recorded statement to any insurance company without consulting with an attorney. Although a written application for no-fault benefits is required, the form requests only basic information. You should nevertheless consult with a personal injury lawyer, especially if you feel that you have suffered significant bodily injuries.

The Hawaii statute of limitations on motor vehicle accidents runs two years from the date of the accident, or two years from the date of the last no-fault payment made for medical treatment. The statute of limitations is two years against the state of Hawaii. If a claim is made against the city and county of Honolulu, a notice of claim should be filed within six months of the accident to ensure that your rights are protected. Contact a qualified personal injury attorney without delay so that you can be apprised of your legal rights and about the statute of limitations.

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