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Seek Compensation For Serious Injury And Wrongful Death

Forklift Accident

For me, founding Law Offices of Jan M. Weinberg was an important personal matter. I was a young personal injury trial lawyer when I was summoned to the site of a collision in Waikiki between a bus and a 10-year-old boy. The boy was running across the street to get home to his mother when he was struck. The ambulance had just taken the body away when I arrived. The boy’s single mother was alone in her small apartment, in shock and crying.

The scene was heartbreaking. It was a scene I will never forget throughout my career. Since then, I have represented numerous families who have suffered the death of loved ones just as the young mother did more than 30 years ago. In their time of shock and extreme vulnerability, families need to have a trustworthy and experienced attorney in their corner.

Your Rights When A Loved One Dies In An Accident

Hawaii statutory and case law recognize the legal rights of the estate of a deceased person and of the survivors (spouse, parents and children) to recover compensation when the death resulted from the tortious misconduct of another party. If the deceased did not have a will with a personal representative designated, a personal representative will be appointed by the probate court to represent the estate. Normally, the personal representative is the relative most capable of representing the interests of the estate. For a minor, the parent or parents would normally be appointed as the personal representative(s).

The estate is entitled to the following areas of damages:

  • Funeral, burial and medical expenses
  • Lifetime loss of earnings and/or loss of earning capacity
  • Severe emotional distress, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life
  • Punitive damages for intentional, reckless or grossly negligent misconduct of the responsible party(ies)

The survivors are entitled to damages to compensate them for their severe emotional distress and for their loss of the society, companionship, comfort, care, support, love and affection of the deceased. Under Hawaii law, hanai relations and long-term partners have legal standing to recover damages for loss of love and affection and for pecuniary losses.

Providing Valuable Assistance In Your Time Of Need

If you have suffered the death of a family member as a result of an accident, you owe it to your family to contact a personal injury attorney experienced in handling wrongful death cases. Your lawyer can be of invaluable assistance in preserving evidence, investigating the accident while the evidence is fresh, helping the family obtain life insurance and other benefits due to the family, appointing the personal representative to represent the estate, and representing the estate and survivors both before and after a lawsuit is filed.

In representing the victims in cases of personal injury and wrongful death, I have been highly successful. See the results page for some of the compensation obtained for my clients in wrongful death and other cases. I also take the time to answer any and every question you have about your case.

Experienced And Compassionate Representation

As a Hawaii wrongful death lawyer and personal injury attorney, I aggressively litigate against insurance companies to obtain the compensation my clients deserve and need. I have effectively settled many cases. The key is to always be prepared to go to trial. For a free consultation with a qualified attorney, contact my Honolulu personal injury and wrongful death law firm. Call my office at 808-829-3466 or fill out this online form, and I will promptly respond to you. Serving Hawaii for more than three decades.